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About Simon Mutton and SRJM.co.uk

Simon Mutton is a BSc Digital Art and Technology graduate currently working for the web design and CMS company GOSS Interactive (http://www.gossinteractive.com/) He started university with the two straightforward interests in art and HTML but has gained skills in so many more areas, including excelling at numerous programming languages, working with 3D and producing projects in Adobe/Macromedia Flash. At the end of his second year he also began freelancing as a web designer.


Digital Art and Technology is a four year Sandwich Honours course involving an industrial placement year, studying a mix of art and design and their application in the technical world of modern technology. Simon was conferred the award of First Class Honours and his placement year was spent working with Plymouth web design company Neovirtua.


Here is an overview of skills so far, or alternatively you might like to request a copy of his CV.


Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator

Macromedia Dreamweaver, Flash and Director


Audacity and Ahead Nero's WaveEdit

Microsoft Office Suite

Programming Languages

CSS, Javascript and XHTML

ASP, JSP and PHP - I have had experience with all three of these server side languages.

Actionscript 2.0 - Having mastered this, I'm now looking for an appropriate time to switch to 3.0.

Java and Visual Basic - Learnt and used solely during my time in university, I achieved high 1st level marks for both.

C++ and Microsoft DirectX


You can view a selection of my photography of various things on my Flickr Account

The Website

Back in the first year of my course, the primary course module required the production of an online workbook, blog and portfolio by the end of the academic year. Naturally I was eager to get on with this as soon as possible so by the end of September 2005, I had registered my initials as a domain name and setup hosting to begin experimenting with my very own website.

Of course, it has been through several generations of design since, many of them highly experimental in technique and application, but this is because it has been a location of active learning.

The Icon

SRJM.co.uk favicon

Quite a few people have asked about the icon I use for my site, after all, “it’s weird,” they say. It does however mean something to me. I made the graphic back when I essentially knew nothing of computers (at least in comparison to now) and was confined to producing images using Microsoft Paint on very reasonable 233mhz Pentium MMX computer. I mixed up a palette of varying shades of green and then began drawing in the peaks of the highest points in the lightest colour, and then pixel-by-pixel went around them, working through the shades until I’d reached the darkest colour. This is how I thought computer graphics were produced. Essentially this is one of the oldest pieces of ‘digital artwork’ I have ever created and it shows me where I have come from to reach today.

Other Bits and Pieces

My Flickr Account: http://www.flickr.com/photos/thanandyr/

After I’ve been out or done something I may have taken photos along the way, of which some inevitably end up posted to my flickr account.

Facebook Profile: http://en-gb.facebook.com/simon.mutton


LinkedIn Profile: http://www.linkedin.com/in/srjm86


Del.icio.us: http://del.icio.us/SRJM

A trail of favourited pages on the net that I've found useful or interesting.


Simon R.J. Mutton

Edwin, Thanandyr, Toxic Man


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  1. September 27th, 2008 at 8:51 pm

    RnO says:

    Hi !!

    I am currently producing a simple animation (using AppleMotion) to support our song ‘Star’ in a Live Environment.
    With ‘our’ i mean TheFilmakers, new European band with the album ‘ChemicalLoveCrush’ recorded, mixed/mastered. We are preparing some video’s, and the Trevi-House-Logo is perfect for ‘Star’.
    Our question is : Do you mind if we use it .. The image is beautiful and striking … in the animation she pulsates on the beat, and seems to come alive.

    With respect !!
    The Filmakers

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