BSc Digital Art and Technology

This is a collection of my university work produced for BSc (Hons) Digital Art and Technology at the University of Plymouth that is available to be displayed online.
More information can be found at the Digital Art and Technology website (http://b.i-dat.org/), the course's university pages or the parent institution http://www.i-dat.org/.

Final Year (2008‚ 2009)

prid301 Dissertation – Joasia Krysa

prid302 Project – Dan Livingstone and Joasia Krysa

idat310 Design for Entertainment Systems – Dan Livingstone

idat311 Scripting for Digital Media – Nigel Barlow

soft323 Programming for Entertainment Systems – Nigel Barlow

Second Year (2006‚ 2007)

aint204 Artificial Intelligence for Interactive Media – Angelo Cangelosi

idat201 Trans-spatial Design – Katina Hazelden and Musaab Garghouti

idat202 e-Learning – Katina Hazelden

idat203 Critical Contexts – Digital Art – Joasia Krysa

idat204 Workshop 2 – Chris Speed and Vladimir Geroimenko

idat205 Creative Industries – Hugo de Rijke

isad223 Human Computer Interaction – John Forde

soft221 Serverside Programming and Development – Martin Beck

First Year (2005‚ 2006)

cnet113 Multimedia Technology – Nigel Barlow

idat101 Strategies for Art and Technology – Mike Phillips

idat102 Workshop 1 – Dan Efergan

idat103 Production for Art and Technology – Musaab Garghouti

idat104 Critical Context – New Media – Joasia Krysa

soft131 Introduction to Programming for Multimedia and Internet Applications – Mark Dixon

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