Holiday in Cornwall

July 14th, 2008

So I’ve had a holiday in a caravan with my family in rainy Cornwall during the week that had possibly the worst forecast for July ever. So bad in fact that our local presenter David Braine was demonstrating rainfall as dyed blue water in glasses, comparing the monthly average, which wasn’t very much, against a full glass symbolising what was expected to fall in just one day.

However it turned out nowhere near as bad as this and from the sounds it was further up nearer home that got all this rain. So we managed to visit some very beautiful places of which I have taken and uploaded photos to Flickr. I also managed to take a couple of quite successful panoramic photoshop-merged shots.


Harbour Landscape (Harbour)

Three photos merged to show the opening into a Cornish harbour.

Carn Brea

View from the Castle (Carn Brea)

A panoramic shot of the view from Carn Brea Castle (which turns out to be a restaurant).

Back of the Castle (Carn Brea)

And the castle itself.

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