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4th June, 2010

I had bit of a backlog of photos I took of a variety of places mostly around Dartmoor, which are now uploaded.

Burrator Landscape (Dartmoor)

Pair of Dartmoor Ponies (Dartmoor)

Burrator Road (Dartmoor)

Riverfront (Bere Alston)

Tor Landscape (Dartmoor)

Eyed Hawk Moths (Home)

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Dartmoor Photos

23rd March, 2010

Moorland walks seem to inevitably result in camera shots where I take a few across a landscape and think “Yeh, I’ll merge these together when I get home” and quite often I eventually do. Here are a couple of the latest:

Dartmoor Landscape (Dartmoor)

Quarry Pool (Dartmoor)

See all the older shots I’ve taken in the past in this group of Dartmoor shots.

Out of interest there are a lot of new websites appearing that make use of flickr’s APIs to display information but here is one that has been around for a while and seems to provide quite a few hits: http://fiveprime.org/hivemind/User/srjm. It also helps to remind me of old things.

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A Couple More Dartmoor Merges

24th April, 2009

For the past couple of Sundays I’ve decided I have enough time to go walking on the moor, which naturally has meant I’ve returned with some photos to merge into panoramic views.

Easter sunday around the scout hut SW of Burrator:

Dartmoor Landscape

And the following Sunday, up around Merrivale and Woodtown:

Vixen Tor and North Hessary (Dartmoor)

Both views showing North Hessary in the distance.

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Sunset Photo

16th November, 2008

Here I have merged a few photos of a cloudy sunset one evening, quite pleased with the result even if I had to make a few compromises with the overall contrast:

Cloudy Sunset

Larger image

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Some Photos

15th November, 2008

Here are a few photos I’ve managed to take despite being very busy with my final year work.


A strange caterpillar that my dad had no idea what it was, which probably means it’s not from around these parts.


Synergy Games

Rob and Tom at their computer screens and below is Tom playing about with the arcade-style game controller that we will eventually be using to play the game in a social environment.

Team Synergy (Plymouth Uni)

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22nd October, 2008

I think I’m ready to PDF and send my draft abstract off to Joasia this morning, basically as a general summary or introduction for my dissertation. I know I will probably rewrite it completely since to me writing a summary before starting on the content seems to be the wrong way around.


Here is a different type of abstract however:

Tin Foil Heart (Abstract Stuff)

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Field of Cows

20th October, 2008

Merged shots of a field of cows on dartmoor! I did this yesterday really, since today we decided upon a name for our Games Module company after Dan Livingstone’s lecture.

Field of Cows Panoramic Merge (Dartmoor)

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Loddiswell Photos Merged and Uploaded

4th October, 2008

I’ve finally uploaded some pictures from Loddiswell including a 3 photo panoramic photo merged in photoshop:

Loddiswell - Field Merge

Haybails in a rolling field.

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