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Here is a selection of my work. If you are more interested in my Artwork or Photography you can visit my flickr account!


IPGL.co.uk Portfolio Site

Following the design of Matt Wreford's personal portfolio site, IPGL wanted a similar website constructed. As before, Wordpress is used as a CMS allowing them to modify the content as and when they require. This site also features the fully fluid two-column layout. Particular care was taken to ensure compatibility with Internet Explorer 6 since this is their company browser.

Matt Wreford Personal Website

Matt Wreford's Personal Website

Using Wordpress as a Content Management System to allow the client to modify their content, and add or remove items in the portfolio. This website features a fluid two-column layout that has a fading transparent background that moves attached to the centre point between the two columns.

Fred's Talent Flash Website


This is an Adobe Flash website I have maintained and upgraded for London-based recruitment agency, Fred's Talent. Although the original design was not my own I have looked after this Flash-based website over a period of several months, modifying, updating and adding several totally new features, including a Wordpress powered Opportunities section, twitter feed and graduate contact with CV upload form.

Drag and Drop Flash Demo

Flash Drag and Drop Demo

Using a combination of actionscripted and traditional animation I created this drag and drop demo as a response to a sample brief given to showcase my skills with Adobe Flash. It was a simple e-Learning game labelling parts of a SLR camera.

Snugglebums Vector Website Art

Snugglebums Website Vector Design

This vector page design was intended to house an osCommerce website for Plymouth-based company Snugglebums who specialise in gifts for newborn babies. This was produced during my time working with Neovirtua.

Ocean Addict Website

Ocean Addict Website

Ocean Addict were looking to create an online community, news and eccomerce website all rolled into one. Using drupal as a CMS this design was created based on an ocean theme and the logo design I created for them previously. The design of this site was closely related to the process behind creating the logo for Ocean Addict. This was produced during my time working with Neovirtua.

48 Custom CMS Icons

48 custom vector icons for a Content Management System

I created 48 custom icons for a Content Management System in vector format, each one having a thumbnail and full size version.

Trevi House Logo Design

Trevi House Logo Design

Plymouth's Trevi House were looking to update their existing logo which they felt had become dated and was lacking in an energetic quality. This design was intended to take the existing concept behind their original logo and evolve it into a more compelling modern and dynamic image. This was produced during my time working with Neovirtua.

Ocean Addict Logo Design

Ocean Addict Logo Design

Before work could begin on a website for this fledgling watersports brand, a strong logo design was required to build their image around. Although several initial sketches were produced, the first concept appeared to be most prominent and through a variety of developmental stages the final design was reached. Originally based on taking the two letters O and A, and positioning them as two bubbles might appear side-by-side, the hard-edged characters were modified to reflect a watery, energetic ocean image. This was produced during my time working with Neovirtua.

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